“A Business You Will Be Proud Of...”

First, please understand, I have absolutely no interest in talking about MLMs, tricks, new systems, reverse whatevers, a million dollar launch, fly-by-night scams or anything else we have all considered during those desperate times in our lives [yes, even I have wasted money on that worthless garbage].

I don’t want to risk my reputation AND neither do you, really...

In just a moment I am going to show you a business that earned over $29,000 in its second month...

But first, if you are in any kind of business right now, take a second and ask yourself 2 simple questions:
1) Am I [or my business] providing my customers with real tangible value?
2) Do I know anyone personally that is earning actual take home money doing this?"

If you answered no to either of those questions, then you need to consider another option ASAP.

If you aren’t providing value ... any money you are making will disappear shortly [deep down you already know that, it probably keeps you awake at night].

If you don’t know anyone personally making money doing what you're doing ... then it’s highly likely that either, no one is making money doing it or only the person at the very top is making money. Either way, don't waste another day with it.

There’s no embarrassment or humiliation involved. I can assure you that your family doesn’t care what you do ... as long as it puts food on the table, you're happy doing it and proud of yourself. That's all those that love you really care about.

So instead of dwelling on our failed attempts ... let’s talk about businesses that run for years earning people like me, you and our children a lifestyle most can not even believe is possible.

In other words ... REAL businesses.

The kind of businesses that enabled my dreams and the dreams of many others.

my son, 3 months pre-mature at 2lb. 5oz.My son started his life 3 months premature weighing only 2 pounds and 5 ounces ... and [for me] the older my children get the more enjoyment I get from figuring out how to enable other people's dreams ... like my kids dreams ... like YOUR dreams.

Therefore, while I'm sure you aren't thinking about this now ... but I hope to show you how you can use some of the stuff you learn on this web site today to enable the dreams of others around you.

[I think you'll find the only thing better than creating a business you love is helping someone else create a business around something they love.]

So what were my dreams back when I was just 24 years old?

1. Find a Hot Woman to Marry.
(I know that's not politically correct, but it's what I wanted. I was completely tired of the dating scene and was ready to get married and build my life. At that time I believed one of the more important aspects of spending the rest of my life with someone was that they be beautiful. That just shows you how much I still had to learn about life:)

2. Make a Million Dollars.
(The most interesting thing to me is that apparently in my mind back then this came before children, happiness and a home ... I still laugh about it)

3. Have 4 Children.
(Once again, I still had a lot to learn. I had no idea how much work raising children really is ... my wife and I now have two and that's it, I've insured that)

4. Live in a Big House on the Beach
(Well, I got that one right. I do now live in a nice home right on the beach. In fact, you can't even see another house from my back deck [and I keep buying land to insure that it stays that way]. Everyone is different, but for me there's no greater symbol of my freedom than sitting on my very own beach squeezing the sand between my toes with the smell of my built in barbeque in the background ... what will your symbol of freedom be?)

5. Be Happy
(Even back then I understood that life is short and happiness is mostly in the mind. As if I needed proof, now that I've made a few bucks, I know more rich people that are miserable than I could have ever imagined back then. Some of which I'm sure you know and may even aspire to be like ... don't ... your life can be exactly what you want it to be, IF you start working toward that life today)

So what were YOUR dreams when you were young?

can you remember your dreams at 24 years old?Can you remember your dreams ... how do they make you feel when you think about them?

Take a minute right now and write down the ones you can remember ...

Don’t click that link to the next page until you’ve written them down!


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